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Crowquill Publishing, established in 2020, is an independent publisher based in central Ontario, Canada.  Books are written and illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire.  Stories are inspired by everyday humorous moments focusing on fun and the enjoyment of silliness in reading. 

Being a mother of one little boy at heart, some of my favorite memories are giggling and laughter as we read rhymes and tongue twisters and turned the pages filled with brightly coloured illustrated books, before that tiny kiss goodnight.  I can only hope that my books will inspire laughter and fun memories for many more tiny faces and families.


Little Leo Loves Hockey is a true story based loosely on a conversation I had the pleasure of having with Hockey Hall of Famer Leo Boivin himself, in his hometown of Prescott, Ontario. This charming story takes place in the 1940’s where Leo grew up along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. It is about his love for hockey as a young boy and his perseverance to do just about anything to get out there on the pond and share a day of hockey with his buddies!


Cornelia the Hen is stumped by a thought.
Is it the chicken that comes first?
Or is it the egg?

See who she encounters on her quest as she unwarily out smarts those she meets.
But even with her trickery, will she make it back to her coop or become feathered treats!
With or without the answer!
You will have to read this charming little story to find out!


A to Z and all that in between! is a captivating picture children’s book by Bonnie Lemaire. Written and illustrated for age 3-5 and up, with a quirky rhyming scheme throughout.

The story teaches children the English alphabet , along with fun facts about the animals chosen. It is full of page turning bright colours and wild animals, reptiles, ocean animals, and birds, but also focuses on some of the lesser known animals in the world such as a Xerus and more!animals to find and count.

Written in a fun rhyming format.

  • For ages 2-7 years.

  • Teaches children about the alphabet and about new animals.

  • ABC book for kindergarten

  • Alphabet animals a-z

A children’s story that will capture your child’s imagination.


From One odd ostrich to 10 tenacious toads, young readers can count from 1 to 10 using illustrations of fun, familiar animals. With bright, bold artwork by award winning Bonnie Lemaire this book is perfect for parents and little ones to share.

Written in a fun rhyming format.

  • For ages 2-7 years.

  • Teaches children about numbers 1 - 10

  • Book for kindergarten

A children’s story that will capture your child’s imagination.

Signed hard cover books available

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